One in a million:
hope and healing after a lupus diagnosis

Saving and healing lives is our mission, and it is our honor to recognize and celebrate the success stories that result from our important work. We are grateful that there are so many stories to share. One such happy story is Denver native Anedrea Anderson.

The story didn’t start out positive, of course. After a slow and painful medical journey that included several misdiagnoses, Anedrea was diagnosed with lupus, and learned that it had attacked her liver. She needed a liver transplant to survive.

“It was a scary process. Through my faith and family support I got through it. Once I was listed (on the transplant waiting list) I felt immense hope.”

In August of 2012 Anedrea received her lifesaving liver transplant. After recovering from the surgery, Anedrea was able to return to the things she loves in life: traveling, calligraphy and volunteering as a math and reading interventionist in elementary schools.

“I know many people don’t get the blessing I received,” Anedrea said. “When I was transplanted, I became part of a community that I love.” Anedrea has volunteered with Donor Alliance for a decade, advocating for others to register to give the gift of life.

She dreams of one day meeting her donor’s family. “Receiving their gift of life has been a blessing to me,” Anedrea said. “I got an organ that I consider my baby and I treat it that way. Life is a gift now and I enjoy every day gratefully.”


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